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How to remove stains and maintain wooden furniture

Most, but not all, modern wood furniture is protected with long-lasting lacquer that only requires a damp cloth for cleaning. Here are some useful tips for removing stains, dealing with spills and maintaining modern and contemporary wooden furniture.



1) feather duster
2) soft cloths
3) wood furniture polish AND/OR wax
4) white vinegar
5) clothing iron
6) smooth peanut butter OR salad oil 


- DUST: Dusting should be done on a regular basis to avoid dirt and oily build-up that can scratch the surface of your wooden furniture. Use a feather duster or a soft wet cloth and follow the grain of the wood as you wipe. Be sure to wet your cloth with water directly and avoid spraying the wooden furniture itself.

- SPILLS: Spills should be dealt with immediately to avoid water damage and excess moisture. After the spill has been completely soaked up, you may choose to apply furniture polish to a soft cloth and wipe the surface of the affected area to restore shine. Remember to follow the grain of the wood as you wipe.

- OIL: Removing oil from wood can be done safely and effectively with white vinegar. Simply mix equal parts hot water and vinegar, then apply to the oily residue with a soft cloth. After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly dry any damp or wet areas with a clean cloth.

- GREASE: Place a soft dry cloth over the grease and iron over it for 5-10 seconds on a low-heat setting. The grease should transfer over to the cloth after the heat from the iron has melted it.

- ADHESIVE RESIDUES: Adhesive residues need to be removed before they dry and harden. Rubbing smooth peanut butter or salad oil onto the sticky substance will work.


- PROTECT: Moisture from drinks and heat from dishes can ruin wood finishes. Set your drinks on top of cork coasters and use trivets for hot dishes. To cover more surface area, placemats and tablecloths may also be used. 

Other protective measures such as wood furniture polish and wax are not meant to be overused nor do they serve the same purpose. Generally, wood polish creates a smooth and glossy surface and wax provides surface protection and enhances the beauty of the wood.







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