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Glass Table Top 

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  Protect Glass Table Top Furniture  

Glass table top are made of tempered glass. It is sturdier than ordinary glass so they do not break easily. If you want to own a glass top dining table or coffee table but are having second thoughts, make use of rubber bumpers to prevent damaging the glass.

Here are some general tips for protecting your glass table tops:

Rubber Bumpers

  • The number of bumpers you will need will depend on the size and design of your table
  • Use clear rubber bumpers for clear glass top table
  • Ensure that the bumpers are of the same size and that they are aligned appropriately
  • When this is done, put the glass top gently over your dining or coffee table
  • Press the top gently on the bumper
  • Rubber bumpers have exceptional anti-skid properties that prevent your glass tops from sliding or falling

 Here are some general care instructions for glass table tops:

Clear Glass

  • Clear Glass can simply be cleaned by any Glass Cleaner.
  • Spray on glass surface
  • Wipe Dry


Frosted Glass

  • Use a damp, not wet, cloth with Glass Cleaner on smoother table top side
  • For the bottom frosted portion, use a small portion of light bleach with soft cloth. Wipe on and rinse off

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