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Buying Guides

Are you looking to update your home, but don't know where to start? Check out our buying guides to help choose the right furniture to make your house a home again.   




Sectional Sofa by LA Furniture

Sectional Sofa 

Keep it simple by following our Top 3 things

to keep in mind while shopping.

Office Furniture by LAFurniture

Office Furniture

Our series of office furniture guides helpmake your office

 as organized as possible.


 Patio & Outdoor Furniture by LA Furniture Store

Patio & Outdoor Furniture

Your yard is an extension of your home, so

comfort should be a priority.






Bedroom Furniture 

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right bed.


Living Room Furniture 

An entertainment center can provide  a focal point

around your living room.


Dining Room Furniture

There are some variables to consider while shopping for a new

dining room table.