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Dining Room Table BUYING GUIDE

How to Choose  the Right Dining Room Table

Shopping for a brand new dining room table can be challenging. There are some many

variables to consider. There are so many things to look at. Below are some suggestions

and tips on how to make it less stressful.


Your new dining room table must fit the personality of the room. If the room is already French

country, then putting a table which is provincial will not work. There will be a contrast right from

the start. If your room is French country, stick with what you have. Find a table which will fit this


Modrest Adderley Modern Stainless Steel w/ Glass Top Dining Table


This is one of the biggest issues people have. There are lots of tables that look good, but they

are too big. We have seen lots of customers saying, "I wish I could fit this in my dining room."

Everything is perfect, except for the size. A small dining room table typically fits 2 - 4 guest

and a bigger table seats 6 - 8 guest. Always consider how many people you will have over.

Before you go shopping, measure the room. Measure the location of where the table will go.

Most people put their table in the center of the room. Take the other furniture in the room into

account too. Will the space be big enough for everything else? Will it look too cluttered when

it's all set and done? The bigger tables might look prettier, but they might not be feasible. Have

a few backup plans, just in case your original choice doesn't work out. 

Frau Modern Round Dining Table


Where do you live? Do you live in a studio? Do you live in a larger apartment? Do you live in a

big house? These types of questions also matter. You don't want to bring in an extra large table

and not be able to move. You and your home needs to breathe.


Modrest Ancona Modern Black Dining Set