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Things to Keep In Mind While Shopping for a Coffee Table

A coffee table is one detail that can break or make the look of your living room.

Having a bad coffee table is like a supermodel with improperly done make up.

The question is which coffee table will work best for your living room. This guide

will steer you in the right direction of the coffee table which is just right for you.


There are five typical shapes for coffee tables on the market:

  • Oval 
  • Square
  • Circular 
  • Rectangular 
  • Free form 

The arrangement of other furniture in your living room will determine what shape

is best. Specifically take note of the space in front of the table. If the space is

square, choose a square coffee table. If it is rectangle, buy a coffee table of

the same shape.


CF129 Modern Black Glass Coffee Table


Try to be perfect with size. A coffee table that is way too small would honestly look funny.

An excellent rule of thumb is to choose a table that is about 2/3rds the size of your sofa.

Here are some useful ratios:

  • 6x9 
  • 5.5x8
  • 5x7 
  • 4x6 
  • 3x5

Divani Casa EV30 Modern Black Bonded Leather Coffee Table w/ Glass Top


Typically, the height of your coffee table should be the same height with the cushions

of the chairs, loveseat or sofa. This will ensure that anyone seated can comfortably

use the table.


You don't want to have a coffee table that looks like 'the odd one out' in your room.The

style should be consistent with the prevalent style in the room, that is, the style of other

furniture pieces in the room.

For traditional styles, tables are made from:

  • Brass 
  • Wood
  • Hardwood solid 
  • Veneer 

For contemporary styles, tables are made from:

  • Glass 
  • Metal
  • Leather 
  • Stone 

Before you set out for shopping, take the following measurements:

  • Size and shape of the floor immediately in front of the seating area 
  • Height of cushions 
  • Length of sofa



Patrick Modern White Bonded Leather Bed w/ Storage