VIG Furniture sofas may be customizeable anywhere from upholstery, to frame modification (make sofa bigger or smaller in size to accomodate living space). To get the best accurate quote, Please call us at (866) 397-0933. Special order sofas are built just for you, and therefore may not be canceled or returned. The default configuration of this sofa unless otherwise stated, is imported Italian leather where your body touches (Back cushion, bottom cushion, armrests) and PVC on the back, bottom, and sides.

A16 - Black

A033 - Beige

A317 - Beige

A639 - Dark Beige

A66 - Ferrari Red

A977 - Ivory White

A535 - Chocolate Brown

A4808 - Dark Red

A946 - Orange

c2604 - Burnt Orange

c3600 - Chocolate Brown

c10079 - Brown

c2102 - Cream

c3366 - Beige

c3205 - Rich Brown

r01 - Rich Espresso

C506 - Shiny Black

C2095 - Black

C5002 - Metallic Grey

C2103 - Camel

C1206 - Dark Red

C0801 - Dark Brown

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